Color Proof

Since a long time ago, Color Proof is an important step during the progress creating of printed products, in Vietnam as well as in the world. For example, a color proof sample can be used for reference purpose and getting agreement on color perspective between customer and designer before making it into print production. It helps to save cost and time and prevent misunderstanding mistakes. 

In 2001, we had used Color Proof technique on Epson Stylus Pro 10600 printer using software of Best Color Proof. Its quality was good but its cost was much cheaper than the one made by Iris printer in ITAXA at that time. Based on that achievement, we kept improving our capacity to introduce to customers, graphic designer and printing plants in Ho Chi Minh City a Color Proof product printed in Couche paper used popularly in commercial printing. The series of Epson Stylus Pro printer include 10600, 9600, 9800, 9880 and newest versions (9900 and 9890). So far we have had very good feedbacks and supports from customers since the quality of paper and color are similar with the one made from Offset printer.

Currently, based on development of printing technologies, we have offered you much better Color Proof printed samples on various kinds of paper material, such as: Couche, Semi Gloss, Duplex, Forte and Ivory. Their quality meet the color standards: ISO-12647, SWOP, GRACOL, FOGRA…it helps your business be more simple and successful.

Additionally, we also provide one more proof solution:
Flexo Screen Proof, the Color Proof which is show screen ruling, screen angle, that is similar to real final flexo printed product. It give customers the prototype of product. These prototypes help us and customer to forsee quality of image with detailed information and common mistakes such as: moiré, overlapped colors on the plate…